Five Tips for a Summer Ready Smile

There are only a handful of school days left, and it won’t be long before you or your family is headed off on summer vacation. You’ve been hitting the gym, shopping for beach wear, and even started on your tan. But don’t forget the most important accessory, your smile. Here are five things to do
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Does it Hurt to Get a Crown?

A crown is a dental restoration that fits over a tooth that’s been trimmed into a tapered cone shape. Sound painful? Actually, it’s no worse than getting a regular filling. Whether composite filling, dental crown, or root canal, they all feel pretty much the same when your tooth is nice and numb. A shot or […]

Why Are You Poking at My Gums?!

Have you found yourself in the dentist’s chair with a hygienist poking a small metal instrument into your gums? It feels like she’s seeing how far it will go and calling out numbers, “one, one, two, one, two, two, three, three.” The whole time, you think, “What is she doing? Ow! That hurt! Is this […]

Help, I have a Toothache!

It’s 2:30 in the morning. You want to be asleep, but you’re wide awake with a horrible toothache. Your face hurts, your jaw hurts, your head hurts. You’ve taken the most Tylenol you can. Two hours later you took some Ibuprofen too. You’ve tried a warm, damp washcloth held over the achy spot. You’ve even […]