Does it Hurt to Get a Crown?

Charlotte NC Family DentistA crown is a dental restoration that fits over a tooth that’s been trimmed into a tapered cone shape. Sound painful? Actually, it’s no worse than getting a regular filling. Whether composite filling, dental crown, or root canal, they all feel pretty much the same when your tooth is nice and numb.

A shot or two of local anesthetic is usually all that’s necessary to keep you comfortable during a crown procedure.

What Happens When You Get A Crown

First of all, your dentist uses different drill pieces to clear out damaged and decayed parts of your tooth. Those won’t hold up well under a crown. Next, your tooth is shaped so that it forms a solid foundation for supporting a restoration.

A mold is taken to show how the crown should be designed to fit nicely with your other teeth. The last step is getting the final restoration cemented in place. You might have to wear a temporary crown a couple of weeks while waiting for the finished one.

As mentioned before, every step of the process happens while your tooth is numb so that you don’t feel a thing.

Does It Hurt To Wear A Crown?

After the anesthesia wears off your tooth may be sensitive for a little while. It’s still adjusting to the shock of losing a significant portion of its outer layer! But give it a couple weeks and it should settle down just fine. You will eventually forget that you even have a crown – it will feel just like any other natural tooth.

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