Gut & mouth bacteria may cause clogged arteries, not diet

Researchers have made positive strides recently to clarify what may cause Atherosclerosis. This article from Medical News Today published last month underlines findings from a study published recently in the Journal of Lipid Research, spearheaded by the University of Connecticut in Storrs. Catherine Paddock of Medical News Daily writes, “The fat molecules in the plaques that clog up our arteries and raise the risk of heart attack and stroke may come from bacteria that live in our mouths and guts, not just from what we eat.”

At South Blvd Dentistry, we will wait for multiple clinical double-blind studies on the topic, but interesting nonetheless to ponder. Having healthier gut bacteria combined with proper dental hygiene may be one way to prevent Atherosclerosis. Click on the link above or here to read and learn more.

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