Dental Implants

The loss of one or more teeth can cause adverse effects to your oral health. Teeth can shift position; your biting and chewing surfaces are minimized. You can even experience bone loss in your jaw. Missing teeth also affect the shape and appearance of your face. Dental implants are one of the best restorative dentistry treatments for replacing missing teeth. Dental implants can be used to replace a single tooth, a few teeth or your entire set of teeth.

Dental implants have been available for several years, but the technology continues to advance providing even better solutions than were available a few years ago. A dental implant, unlike dentures, is a permanent fixture in your mouth. A small titanium post serves as the “root” of your new tooth and is inserted into your jaw bone for permanence and stability. Once your jaw bone has fully adhered to the dental implant post, a crown matching your original tooth is fixed to the titanium post. You now have a new tooth that can handle all the chewing and biting of your natural teeth.

Dental implants can be used in many ways. For some individuals, dental implants provide anchors for dentures to hold them in place. For others, implants take the place of dentures entirely. Your dentist will discuss these options with you and the benefits related to each.

Excellence in Implant Dentistry

At South Blvd Dentistry in Charlotte, we keep up to date with all the latest technology and improvements in implant dentistry. We understand that dental implants aren’t the choice for everyone. We will make sure you are well informed on the pros and cons related to implant dentistry, as well as any potential risks involved with dental surgery of this type. In addition, we will educate you on the proper maintenance of your dental implants. As sturdy as they are, adequate care will ensure that you enjoy the full benefits of your new teeth.

To learn more about implant dentistry, ask your dentist during your next visit or contact our office today to schedule a special consultation to review the possibilities with one of our dental professionals.

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