Dental Technology

Advances in dental technology continue to be developed. At South Blvd Dentistry, we have equipped our offices with the top technology available for use in the diagnosis and dental treatments of our patients. Current technology has eliminated some of the discomfort patients may have experienced in dental care in previous decades.

Whether your treatment plan involves a crown placement, dental implants or orthodontics, you can count on South Blvd Dentistry to use cutting-edge dental technology to deliver the precision and expertise you deserve. Dental implants are a great example of the recent advances in dental technology. Where dentures and bridges used to be the only solution for replacing missing teeth, dental implants have provided a highly preferable option.

Dental X-rays

Our ability to educate and involve our patients in their dental care decisions has also expanded. Digital x-rays have become the standard, which makes dental x-rays quicker and more accurate than ever before. We can now give you a clear view of what we see in your x-rays on a computer screen. With this quick and simple means of displaying your x-rays, we can better help you understand what issues we have discovered and the options available for treatment.

Your dental x-rays become a part of your permanent dental records, which allows us to compare previous films with your current x-rays. Generally, dental x-rays are taken once a year, but there can be situations where your dentist may recommend x-rays more frequently if needed for proper diagnosis and treatment.

The dental assistants, dental hygienists and all dental professionals at South Blvd Dentistry have been trained in the proper use of our technology. As new technology becomes available to further improve or enhance our dental services, you can expect to see it implemented in our offices. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment.