Emergency Dentistry

Dental emergencies often occur out of nowhere, no matter what your lifestyle. Out running a quick errand, you forget about the last step and have a jarring misstep. On a weekend trip, you have a misadventure with a tree branch. Your kid takes an elbow to the face rebounding the basketball and now has a loose tooth. These traumas or accidents can lead to a variety of issues if left untended. Without dental treatment, a chipped tooth might spread into a crack by which bacteria can enter and cause decay and infection.

Chipped, cracked and broken teeth are outside the reach of a toothbrush. Besides eventually losing the loose tooth, an open wound in the mouth is a serious issue and could take weeks to heal without proper care. Food can become painfully lodged in the gum and become a weak point for germs, bacteria and illness to enter the body. Whatever your dental emergency, our office has same day urgent care appointments, Monday through Friday, and Saturdays as well.

Urgent Dental Care

South Blvd Dentistry is a convenient call away for these inconvenient emergencies. On your return from your weekend trip, contact us and we can have you in as soon as possible. Our team is set and ready to go with the latest technology, comfort amenities and sedation if necessary for you to feel at ease. Dr. Tommy Kim is one of the best practicing dentists in Charlotte and is available on short notice.

A concern you might have is over what your insurance covers. While most dental insurance covers a portion of the procedure, we also offer guidance on comprehensive financing, CareCredit or we can work with you to map out a payment plan. Same day urgent care is the same as any scheduled appointment, so get in as soon as possible before the issue progresses. If you have a dental emergency, contact South Blvd Dentistry right away.

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