Root Canal Therapy

When the root is infected or inflamed, root canal therapy repairs and saves a decaying tooth, the infected tissue and the gum surrounding the tooth. These cavities are caused by poor oral hygiene or a crack or chip in the tooth that leads to infection. Without general dental care, the surrounding tissue and gum will become infected and abscessed. Often, only one root canal is necessary in the front of the mouth, and multiple root canals are necessary in the back. Root canal therapy can take a little over an hour and anywhere from one to three visits, depending on how complicated the procedure is.

Root Canals Offer Pain Relief for Infected Teeth!

During the procedure, a dentist will numb the tooth before removing and disinfecting the pulp-filled cavity. Then, the dentist will inject gutta-percha through the enamel to fill and seal the tooth. After, the tooth will be covered and restored with a crown for protection. When you get a root canal, do not eat afterward until the numbness wears off. If pain or pressure continues for more than a week, return to the dentist.

If you are receiving root canal therapy, due to the more extensive work, a crown will likely be the route your dentist recommends. Crowns offer more protection for the root and strengthen the inner pulp and structure of your smile. Usually, with a root canal you need a crown to replace the upper tooth. South Blvd Dentistry offers comprehensive financing and flexible payment options to fit your budget for more extensive procedures.

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