Convenient Scheduling

Finding the time for oral care is not always easy. We understand. It is not on the top of your priority list or the first thing you think of when you are managing the other important factors of your life. That is why our dentist office in Charlotte provides the convenience of appointments on Saturdays as well as during the normal work week.

Walk-in or same day dental appointments can be made for urgent care or emergency dentistry. Anything can happen during the week, such as a chipped tooth or a cracked crown. We make room in our schedules so that we are always ready to meet your needs. Simply give us a call or drop by for a quick appointment, and we will have you back to your daily schedule in no time. We don’t want you to go weeks with tooth pain, a sore mouth or any type of emergency dental need.

Family Block Dental Appointments

With the many responsibilities that come with having a family, getting them each in for a regular checkup is no simple matter. Between rushing one kid to daycare, picking up another kid from afterschool events, attending sports games, teacher conferences and helping with homework, when are you supposed to get the time to bring them in? We have family block scheduling to make it easier for you. Family block scheduling is a time when you can bring each of your kids for general dentistry needs, exams and cleanings at the same time.

No matter your lifestyle, we can work with your schedule. Our goal is to make your visit as quick and comfortable as possible, and that starts with scheduling. No more months waiting to be seen. No more inconveniences to your daily routine. Just give us a call and schedule what is most convenient for you. At South Blvd Dentistry, our mission is to deliver the most excellent customer service in the Charlotte area. Contact us today!