Tooth Pain Relief

In Charlotte, near South End and Myers Park, our professional dental team is available to relieve you of your tooth and jaw pain. Dr. Tommy Kim at South Blvd Dentistry utilizes the most advanced techniques and technology in general dentistry to diagnose and relieve all manner of tooth-related pain.

Tooth pain is caused by a variety of issues from decay to gum infection. Sometimes a tooth extraction is necessary. In most cases, however, your tooth can be saved through repair of the decay or root canal therapy. Following your checkup and after any x-rays, your dentist will inform you of the extent of the issues in your tooth and what treatment he recommends to alleviate the pain and restore your tooth.

Treatment for Jaw Pain

Jaw pain and facial pain can be a symptom of bruxism or TMJ/TMD. Bruxism and TMJ/TMD are serious disorders that wear away at the hinge-like joint and surrounding muscles and tissues connecting your jaw to your skull. The involuntary movement of grinding and clenching your teeth causes teeth and jaw injury, misalignment, localized pain and limited movement.

A variety of options exist for the treatment of bruxism and TMJ/TMD. Usually, a dentist will prescribe something for the pain and fit you with a bite guard as a protective barrier for your teeth. He may also recommend coaching on stress management and relaxation techniques so you can overcome the involuntary grinding and clenching.

The team at South Blvd Dentistry is well equipped to provide expert solutions for relief. Do not suffer from ongoing tooth pain or jaw pain. South Blvd Dentistry has blankets, pillows, and warm towelettes for your comfort, and we provide quick, affordable solutions for teeth and jaw pain. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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